We are in the process of evacuating 50,000 students from the public school system and we need your help. You said something needed to be done, so this is your opportunity to pitch in.

In September, 2021, Orange County Christian Schools started with three small Sunday School rooms and 14 students. We ended the school year with 45 students on two campuses, and over 75 ready to start the September semester, on three campuses! We will offer K-8th grade, and expect 100-130 students, God willing.

We are looking for missionaries who will help rescue these children and teach them about Jesus Christ. One, two days per week; the only requirement is that you love children and want to help.

Please call 714-612-6864 or explore this website for information. Learn how you can serve God and save our children from the public school system!

Here are some of the openings we have today

  ~ Principals and Vice Principals.
  ~ Administrators to help with our software program.
  ~ Security, to help protect our children.
  ~ Teachers: one or two days per week
  ~ Teacher’s aids: one or two days per week.
  ~ Specialty teachers: math, science, history
  ~ Sunday School teachers to help with Home Room (time with Jesus).

We also need:

  ~ Event Planners
  ~ Service Project Director
  ~ Many other opportunities to serve the Lord.

One hour enrichment classes, three month's duration, in:

  ~ Choir, Dance, Arts and Crafts, Spanish, Latin, French, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Sax,
Clarinet, etc.
   ~ Spelling, Reading for fun, Drama, Math enrichment.
   ~ Build a rocket, Build a robot, Letters to the President club, Debate club, Cooking
   ~ Song writing, Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer; beginning and